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Our studio

Until Sunday is a multidisciplinary, collaborative design firm focused on branding and visual communication.

Founded in 2012 by the Italian designer, Chiara Aliotta, our studio is known for creating inspirational and intriguing design work that combines original solutions with meaningful communication.
We develop beautiful, authentic stories in close collaboration with our clients. From basic shooting star activations to new brand universes, our main goal is to create memorable brands that delight us and our clients.


We like to wake up in the morning, knowing that our work will make another person happy, again and again. 

Chiara Aliotta, Founder and Art Director

Everything started on a Sunday morning...

Sunday is an unusual day of the week. It falls between crazy Saturday and dreadful Monday. Sunday is the day when people enjoy staying in bed till late, relaxing at home, maybe with friends or family. It is a happy day, on Sunday you promise yourself that this week will be a better one. On Sunday you spend time doing the things you like the most, alone or with loved ones.

We enjoy our work so much that for us every workday is Sunday. We like creating beautiful and unique designs for our customers.
We work with obsession and commitment on each project.


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Art Direction
Branding & Identity
Concept Development

Event Design
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