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Daelmans Limited Edition Tin

The setting

A tweet can change your life... or at least this is what happened to us. All our friends, followers and customers know our passion for stroopwafels.
One day we tweeted about running out of stroopwafels in our office. Our Dutch friends heard the call and brought into our conversation Daelmans, the worldwide market leader in stroopwafels. What a treat!


We are looking for a beautiful design for our Limited Edition tin.

Wendy De Laat, Daelmans web-shop responsible


The protagonists

Daelmans is the brand for typical Dutch products, particularly outside the Netherlands. They produce a wide range of traditional Dutch delicacies. Their products are available in pretty much all supermarkets in the Netherlands and are exported to at least thirty countries.
We got in contact with Wendy De Laat, responsible for the Daelmans web-shop to discuss how to turn an elegant tin into something irresistible like their yummy mini-stroopwafels. 


The plot

We had lots of freedom in designing this packaging, except for the aluminium tin that had already been decided upon and which only had a Daelmans embossed logo. Wendy asked us to personalise the sleeve around the tin and the promotional flyer inside it. She shared with us Daelmans' brand manual and assets. She also expressed her preference for bright colours and nice, graphic illustrations that she saw on our Dribbble page.
Our first step was creating a colour palette for the packaging based on the company's official colours.

Our aim was to have one predominant colour based on the classic stroopwafels' flavour. This way, we could simply differentiate colour of the main illustration to match different flavours and fillings. The limited-edition tin contains the caramel mini-stroopwafels, Daelmams' classical flavour with natural Bourbon vanilla. So the orange colour was our main choice.
Our design was inspired by typical Dutch elements, turning them into mouth-watering illustrations. A real challenge!
We decided to develop a story around a stroopwafel where the little biscuit is part of an imaginary Dutch city. A cheerful landscape that portrays an ideal day in Daelmans' sweet world: a couple biking around the city made of beautiful and colourful houses, the mill far away and a romantic couple kissing in a field full of tulips. 
At the top of this illustration, we add Daelmans' tagline "enjoy a Dutch classic" written in a swirly, handwritten typeface.


Daelmans Limited Edition Tin

Daelmans Limited Edition Tin Lettering

Daelmans Limited Edition Tin Illustrations

The result

Our packaging is the new and colourful addition to the traditional Delft blue Daelmans' packaging. We brought the delicious taste of the stroopwafels outside the tin. Using Wendy's words:"It will bring a smile on your face!".