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The setting

Chania is a beautiful town on the iconic island of Crete in Greece. Despite being heavily bombed during World War II, the Old Town is still picturesque and preserves its rare architectural treasures.
One of them is Hanim, an elegant boutique hotel just a stone’s throw away from the old harbour.


Hanim is for those who come as friends.

Rena and Manto, Hanim owners


The protagonists

If there is something that characterised Greece in a way you won't find in any other place in the world, is the generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests.
Rena and Mantò are two sisters that have mastered the art of hospitality really well, turning Hanim into a place where their guests look forward to coming back again and again.

Hanim is a simple and elegant hotel in the heart of Chania's Old Town. The facade is really characteristic with its wood "sachnisi", a small protruding area supported by wooden beams, a heritage of the Ottoman architecture.
The seven rooms are elegant and simply furnished and take their names from Greek native herbs.


The plot

We immediately became curious to find out the story behind Hanim, and were especially intrigued by the name. Rena and Mantò explained to us that the name "Hanim" means "woman" in Turkish, but it also refers to the old name of the city when it was under the Ottoman Empire. Looking at Rena and Manto's friendly smile and the fascinating "world" they built, we thought that the meaning of Hanim suits it really well.

Our first step was to redesign the existing logotype. They felt it was not fully representing their ideas of Hanim. We redesigned the font, removing unnecessary serifs.
We increased the kerning and enlarged the letters to optimise legibility in cases where the logo is reproduced small. We reduced the height of the capital H to create a more harmonious and gracious design.

Hanim Old and New Logotype


Once the logotype was in place, we moved our attention to the style of the rooms. The concept of the seven herbs was our roadmap and inspired us to design a personality for each room.
Spiros painted each herb using watercolour technique on bamboo paper. Based on these paintings we put together seven different colour palettes.

Then the real creative process was to blend the watercolour paintings into all of the hotel's communication materials.
We designed stands, note cards, door signs and key rings, all delicate and understated through the sophistication of the watercolours.

We chose two different paper qualities: a 100% cotton paper for all colour prints, and a silk-printed recycled brown paper for all the communication materials used in the hall and in the small lounge area.
Paper was our main medium while the watercolours became the main graphic element of all the communication materials, adding a unique and sophisticated touch to the simple style of the hotel.


Hanim Identity for Hotel

Hanim Identity for Hotel

Hanim Cards for Notes

Hanim Details

Hanim Identity for Salvia's room

Hanim Keyrings

Hanim Room

Hanim Details

Hanim Material for Reception


The result

This project took us more than a year to prepare. It was laborious work that included many proposals, discussions and ideas exchange.
The new design brought to life the "comfort of simplicity" philosophy of Hanim adding a completely new experience, made of colour and art.