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Until Sunday Greeting Cards

The setting

Since 2012, Until Sunday has sent more than 500 different greeting cards. Our clients are always happy to receive this surprise through the post. There is still something fascinating about print and paper. A piece of nostalgia that we at Until Sunday are able to redefine, always with a fashionable touch.


The plot

We love it when the New Year is approaching. This is when we can have a little a bit of rest and recharge our batteries. It is also the time we can thank our clients for sharing an amazing and successful year with us. As soon as October is in sight, we start thinking about our new greeting card and what it will be like!

 Until Sunday Greeting Cards 2017

2017. A little gift of encouragement to all our customers and friends! The card was inspired by our trip to Japan. It is a reproduction of a Daruma doll, also called goal doll.
In Japan, it is considered a symbol of perseverance and good luck. It took us a while to figure out how to fit a 3D treat into a 2D envelope. This little gift was our a-ha moment, where creativity and problem-solving came in handy!


Until Sunday Greeting Card 2016

2016. Who doesn’t love a good fortune-teller, even for fun? To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, we designed a mystical and stylish fortune-teller that would help our friends and clients through any rough times of 2017... or a least put a smile on their face.
Printed on expensive-looking gold paper, the gift came pre-folded, with some simple instructions that explained how to play with it. The instructions proved useless as we soon discovered that most of our recipients had played with a fortune teller during their childhood! No matter their country, their culture, their beliefs, all our friends and customers had a story to tell about a similar child-hood fortune teller; and we were thrilled to listen. This year’s gift, we felt, even more than in the past, tugged at the heartstrings of our favourite people, triggering emotions and bringing back good memories. What a blessing!


Until Sunday Greeting Card 2015

2015. The year we launched our new project, The Pattern Tales.
 To celebrate this new adventure we sent out more than 200 limited-edition bookmarks wrapped in a beautiful, custom pink envelope.
The bookmarks were available in 3 different book-inspired designs, creative offspring of Chiara and Spiros.


Until Sunday Greeting Card 2014

2014. In our office we always work with a hot beverage and our working day cannot begin without a warm cup of tea. This is how the 2014 card idea came up. This year we wanted to celebrate friendship and success with a beautiful and original greeting card. These limited edition coasters are designed to stay on your desk throughout 2015 and beyond.


Until Sunday Greeting Card 2013

2013. For 2013 we had only one, sensible wish to share: “Get things done!”. So we prepared a practical greeting card where people could write down their resolutions for the New Year. To help them with the task, we added a personalised pencil that read: “Everything you need is in your hands".


Until Sunday Greeting Card 2012

2012. The cards were made from two distinct types of paper with different printing techniques: silkscreen printing on the grey thin paper (outside and inside) and hot pressed printing on the cardboard (inside right). The message was a general call to relax and take some time to think about new projects for the New Year. To reinforce this message, we attached a lovely, customised red teabag of the original Greek Mountain Tea, Tsai Tou Vounou.