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Medicins Sans Frontiers Mug

The setting

In 2016 Medicins Sans Frontiers Greece celebrated the 25th anniversary of their Greek division. The stories, the missions and the people involved in MSF’s vital work all these years are presented in a beautiful website.
The incredible work of the organisation wouldn't be possible without the support of their contributors, something they wanted to highlight to greatest effect.


We want to thank our supporters with a simple gift that shows them how special they are to us.

Mitsi Persani, MSF Greece


The protagonists

MSF Greece launched its first mission in 1990. Since then, Greek doctors and volunteers operate in various international and local missions.
Their everyday work helps countless people in emergency situations so much so that pictures and stories can only scratch the surface


The plot

Talk about a challenging project! We had a specific budget and strict guidelines to follow.
Yet, there was still space for being creative.

We mused over different ideas before deciding on the mug as the main vehicle.
The MSF’s internal team thought it was the most appropriate gift for the task at hand.
Easy to personalise, the mug is a functional object that people use and see every day.

Through a simple illustration, we created a small story to better articulate MSF Greece's values and mission.
 On the mug, we designed the two sides of the organisation: as activists and advocates and as a community of volunteers and doctors working in harsh conditions and unsafe spots during epidemics, crises where social health issues are at the forefront.

MSF Greece Illustration for mug

MSF Greece Mug

MSF Greece Mug

The result

The gift was well -received by more than 200 supporters.
MSF Greece received innumerable letters from individuals moved by this simple gesture.
The initiative served to show gratitude and a sense of loyalty to their supporters while renewing the promise and commitment of the organisation to their valuable work.