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9 Questions

The setting

Sometimes we collaborate with other creative agencies. This time around, Boutique Creativa hired us to design a promotional gift for Christmas to send out to their clients.


The protagonists

Boutique Creativa is a multidisciplinary studio based in Milan.
Chiara, Chiara, our own art director, used to work for them as a junior art director. 
Those days are long gone but the relationship with Paolo Giorgi, founder and artistic director of the agency, lasts to today.


The plot

We came up with a board game that answers a client’s most common question: “Which is the right creative agency for my new project?”
It’s a real game: printed in 4 Pantone colours, containing 9 cards, 4 pawns and 2 dice. Each square tells an interesting story or historic fact about graphic design. 

For the occasion, we also “dressed” the number one to look like a Joker turning it into the 9 Questions logotype.

 9 Questions Game

9 Questions Game

9 Questions Game

9 Questions Game

9 Questions Game 

The result

The game “9 Questions” was well-received by the agency’s customers. 
It was our first attempt to design a game and it gave us great insights into the world of game design.

The game has been featured in many design books and magazines for the original execution and the way we reinvented the famous board game Monopoli.