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The setting

Caravan Design contacted us to create a beautiful and elegant brochure to present Sensewear at Salone del Mobile 2015, Milan. 
Sensewear, awarded with the Lexus Design Award 2015, is their collection of clothes and accessories that emphasises the 5 senses. 
More specifically, Sensewwear was envisioned to assist and act as a form of therapy for people with autism, Tourette syndrome and other special needs.


In our daily life, we are sometimes confronted with stressful situations that make us want to build some kind of shelter around us. So, this award represents a great opportunity for us to further develop our idea, and hopefully to help people in the future.

Emanuela and Ivan, Sensewear designers


The protagonists

Founded by Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati, Caravan is a design collective with a multidisciplinary approach that introduces an alternative point of view to the contemporary public and domestic sphere. 
As the both live and teach design in Dubai, their work is infused with pragmatic materialism laced with subtle metaphors, so as to elicit a spontaneous audience reaction alongside passionate engagement.


The plot

Emanuela and Ivan conducted extensive research on people with special needs and came across many things which could lead to new design ideas while developing Sensewear clothing.

They shared all of their research with us (sketches, preliminary ideas, clothes, books etc.) to help us to better understand how to communicate their collection in making it both riveting and accessible.

For the cover of the brochure, we decided to re-purpose the pattern used in almost all Sensewear clothes. 

Precious and embossed, to stimulate users, we made the brochure into a luxurious tactile experience of its own, complete with embossing and oozing with charm. The cover alone comes in three different colours.

Emanuela and Ivan then asked two dancers to carry out a special choreography while wearing these smooth, comfortable, carefree dresses, designed without buttons, zippers, tags, and laces that can cause problems when putting them on and taking them off.

Gorgeous, inspiring images especially impactful in full spreads, captioned by text that described the details of the technology and the design considerations behind each piece of attire.

The most challenging part in all this was to create a narrative to depict the relationship between the product and its functionality, without turning the brochure into a handbook.

Emanuela and Ivan were extremely happy with the final result that was completed in no time to be presented with the Sensewear prototypes at the Lexus event at Salone del Mobile 2015.


Sensewear Pattern Detail

Sensewear Pattern Detail

Sensewear Catalogue

Sensewear Catalogue

Sensewear Catalogue

Sensewear Catalogue Detail

Sensewear Catalogue Detail

Sensewear Catalogue Detail

The result

Sensewear collection travelled around the world and the collection garnered great attention with mentions in many design magazines.
We were extremely satisfied to have worked on such a meaningful project that had people with special needs as a core value. The brochure engages the reader on an emotional level, remaining informative and edgy.