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All About Calls

The setting

All About Call is a brand-new call handling service with a human touch. The company handles diaries, appointments and bookings, delivering a top-notch service that truly helps their customers achieve exactly what they need.


All About Calls is a young but experienced company. 
They are in the business of speaking to people and for this reason their image needs to look friendly and human.

Ruth Cheesley, CEO and Co-founder at Virya Group


The protagonists

All About Calls is a family run business based in Guildford, Surrey (UK). 
Their team of industry experts is behind the successful Technical Helpdesk company, Microtechs.
 All About Calls offers two different services: The Call Takers, a professional and personal incoming call handling service, and The Call Makers, a bespoke outbound sales service. The two new brands are dedicated to providing an excellent great value call handling and user experience.


The plot

Virya Group, our partners in the UK, contacted us to design the new All About Calls’ website. After a short brief where we discussed the service the company offers, we took a close look at the specific target the new company wanted to reach. We opted for a fresh-looking and modern visual language that could be easily adapted for the two sub-brands.
We mostly focused on the journey of the user: playing with colours and different custom illustrations, we were able to extensively differentiate the two websites (The Call Takers and The Call Makers) while keeping the design consistent.
The illustrations were executed by hand, acquired digitally and transformed in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) so they could be animated wherever was needed.


All About Calls Website

All About Calls Website

All About Calls Illustrations

All About Calls Illustrations


The result

The website was successfully launched during summer 2016. It soon gained popularity among old and new customers who are looking for a professional service 24 hours a day without the fuss. The website won the J.O.S.C.A.R Award as Best Joomla! Corporate Website of the year during the 7th edition of J and Beyond conference in May 2016.

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