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WEConnect International

The setting

WEConnect International is a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world. Today the organization counts more than 4,000 registered women's business enterprises. 
In this moment of growth, WEConnect decided to relaunch their own website, offering new functionalities to their members but also helping them attract more registrations with their new, appealing look.


We need to develop a new website that it is able to empower the organization and improve the way they work and connect with their members.

Ruth Cheesley, CEO and Co-founder at Virya Group


The protagonists

WEConnect International helps women succeed globally. Their mandate is to ensure that women and their businesses have equal opportunities vis-a-vis their male counterparts. By educating, connecting and implementing savvy business solutions, the organisation creates and drives growth and sustainable prosperity for women-owned business enterprises and their communities.


The plot

Virya Group, our partners in the UK, contacted us to collaborate with them on this demanding project.
 The idea was to create something that was appealing to the new visitors but most of all, functional and helpful for the 4,000 members and the people working for the organisation. 
The old website was built on an old Joomla! version. During the last years, as the organisation acquired new members, portal growth exploded with content and information that was difficult to organise following any specific logic. So our preliminary work focused on the content hierarchy for each page, creating a better sitemap of the site so that all content was easy to find.
In collaboration with some of the board members, we defined the new WEConnect International's visual language: a new colour palette made with warmer colours was added to the existing blue hues and a set of icons and illustrations were created to represent the mission and achievements of the organisation.
WEConnect International measures its success showcasing the success of women all around the world.
 For this reason, we designed a completely new section where success stories of women entrepreneurs could find their voice and space. It proved to be a winning decision for both the organisation, in terms of acquiring new members, but also for the women of the network who are empowered and inspired by other members.


WEConnect International Website

WEConnect International Website

WEConnect International Website

The result

The website took one year to complete and was launched in spring 2016. 
The fresh and modern design was well-received by the network. It reflects the outstanding work done by the organisation in ensuring that women-owned businesses have visibility and access to new markets and can grow their companies.

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