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Joomla! World Conference 2017

The setting

The Joomla! World Conference (JWC) is the annual user conference of the award winning Joomla! content management system. Today, Joomla! powers over 3% of the entire world’s websites and is used by individuals, multi-national corporations, governments and charities to serve and manage their online presence in an efficient, flexible way.

In its sixth year, JWC will bring together a community of like-minded Joomlers in Rome, the Eternal City.


The theme of the conference is “The Italian Bridge”. We believe that a beautiful design with an Italian flavour will make this event memorable.

Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Joomla! World Conference Logistics Responsible


The protagonists

Joomla! World Conference is organised by a group of enthusiastic volunteers of the same community that is behind the second most famous CMS in the world. 
Chiara, our own art director, was Joomla! Brand Manager for almost two years. 
This is how she got to know Rowan, Alison, TJ, Ronnie, Sandra, Alex, … to mention but a few of the faces behind the conference.

Well aware of her work they decided to hire her agency and work together on creating a memorable design for the sixth edition of the Joomla! World Conference.


The plot

For the first time ever, the Joomla! World Conference will be held in Europe, gathering people from all over the world who may also see the beautiful Italian capital for the first time.

We focused mostly on the main theme of the conference, “The Italian Bridge” as the conference was a vehicle to connect the Joomla! anglo-community with the active and energetic Italian ones.

Before even starting the design, we collected different pictures of Rome, some sourced from the internet and many others from our recent trips to the capital.

We used them to create a collage that would be the main visual (and motif) of the event itself. We finally designed the bridge as a centrepiece to the design in a bright red colour, to represent the passion that inflames the Joomlers from all around the world keeping Joomla alive.

In the visual, the user may recognise many famous landmarks of Rome, like the Colosseo, Piazza di Spagna (Trinità dei Monti), San Pietro’s church, and also, far away, a sample of modern architectures like the EUR (Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana), close to the conference hall where the event would take place.
Even if not familiar with any of these symbols (something almost impossible!), the visitor could always recognise the iconic Vespa ride from the classic film "Roman Holidays" starring a young Audrey Hepburn and a gregarious Gregory Peck.

In line with this light-hearted approach, we needed to solve some more functional issues, like creating some great-looking placeholders until the keynote speakers would be announced.
 This gave us a great opportunity to “teach Roman” to all non-native speakers, Italians included!
Yes, Italian is our main language, but it is known that all over Italy we all speak our own dialects and Roman is probably the funniest, unlikeliest one!

Full of metaphors and rhetorical expressions, we picked 4 of the most popular sentences and used them to temporarily replace the announcement of the key speakers (and the respective programme).


 Joomla! World Conference Website

Joomla! World Conference Mobile View

Joomla! World Conference Italian Expressions

Joomla! World Conference Advertising

Joomla! World Conference La Lupa


A little curiosity about this website?

Rome is also known as the Eternal City as ancient Romans believed that no matter what happened to the world or how many empires came and collapsed, Rome would go on forever. 
For this reason, the website, accessed by millions of Joomlers from around the world, would look different and yet the same every time. 

Depending on which hour of the day one visited the event website, the landscape would change from 8 am to 8 pm.


Joomla! World Conference Illustration


The result

The website was launched in early 2017 announcing the greatest World Conference event yet. During the conference of J and Beyond in Krakow,

During the conference of J and Beyond in Krakow, postcards were distributed to promote the event, with imaginary greetings from the Italian capital.

Coinciding with the site launch, the JWC team rolled out a powerful campaign aimed at bringing as many Joomlers as possible to Rome.

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