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Break Designs

The setting

Break Designs is a company specialised in extensions development, mainly aiming to advance the functionalities of existing e-commerce solutions, like Virtuemart for Joomla! and Magento. After more than six years of providing top-notch extensions and stellar support, Sakis Terzis, founder and lead developer of Break Designs, wanted to enhance the look of his company’s website to better represent the high standards of his business.


We like analysing the way things work and going one step further. Customers should feel like they have landed in the right place

Sakis Terzis, Break Designs CEO and founder.


The protagonists

Sakis Terzis is a developer based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
In 2010 he founded Break Designs, beginning a steadily and long climb to great success. Today his extensions are among the top 100 extensions in the Joomla! directory.
Confident about his outstanding work, Sakis contacted us to design Break Designs’ new website and to give his company the visibility he feels it deserves.


The plot

In the last few years, Sakis worked on polishing and improving the structure and the navigation of Break Designs website in order to afford a great buying experience to all his clients.

From our first analysis, we noticed Sakis had customised many parts of his site to better fit his clients’ requests. As a master of the art of selling extensions for an e-commerce website, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Sakis. Even from our first meeting, it was clear that our work would have to compare to that of an experienced dressmaker: “sewing” a beautiful “dress” to enhance the functionality of Break Designs’ site.

As an agency specialised in branding, even when we design websites our work usually starts by defining basic elements that make up the identity of a company: colours, typography, layout and illustrations/patterns.

 We promised Sakis that his new site wouldn’t turn into a circus version of his old site, yet we felt that adding a few more colours to his current red and grey brand colours would add a brightening and friendly touch to buyers’ experience.
 Thus we expanded the colour palette adding colours that would match not only his current business practice but any future plans of developing Magento extensions.

Soon after we defined the typeface: a sans serif font family, Rubik, with slightly rounded corners designed by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer (and available on Google Webfont). 
With this easy-going and clean typography, we combined stylised and colourful bespoke illustrations that would represent, at glance, the core functionality of each extension.

We designed each page of the website taking into account the content and hierarchy of information.
 Special attention was given to the presentation of each extension sold on the website for which many page designs were created before landing on the one now available online.

 The best part of this project proved to be the close collaboration with Sakis himself: his intuition and insights, in addition to his exceptional knowledge, helped us overcoming a few technical and coding glitches during the development of the new site.


Break Designs Mobile View

Break Designs Website

Break Designs Illustrations for Extensions 

The result

After an entire year of working on the design and the development of what may look like a simple website, the site was successfully launched and well-received by new and old customers.
The new “look” helps conversion and builds brand trust and customer loyalty. 
The flawless navigation is now reinforced by a consistent and bold design.
It won’t surprise us if you finally feel you are in the right place when it comes to e-commerce solutions for your e-shop!

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