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If you want to grab our attention, please make sure your writing is full of pizazz, enthusiasm and positive energy and keep in mind that we are most responsive to projects that are interesting, different and creatively challenging.

We receive a high volume of emails weekly, because of this we are forced to be very selective about which emails we answer.

We like to work with happy, passionate people that thrill us and blow our minds away with their amazing projects. If you fit the description, email a detailed brief of your project, including goals and objectives and send it to

Make sure you read our creative manifesto before you ask to work with us.

We are a small agency, really. Although we welcome fresh blood and new ideas in our studio, we are seldom open to hiring new people.
However, if you have a killer portfolio to show us, email it to with a link to your website.

You may be just what we would be looking for, if only we were looking.

Part of our work is to empower creatives to share their work and develop their craft with confidence. Twice a year we organise a portfolio review event online. It is open to 3 designers around the world (we speak Italian, English and Greek). 
It is a beautiful moment to receive feedback and meet other young aspiring designers (even if virtually).

Drop us a line at if you want to know when our next meeting is scheduled or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get wind of the announcement.