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Trivia Obscura

The setting

Trivia Obscura is a new strategy game designed to share dark knowledge with the world in a celebration of the weird, wonderful, and lesser-discussed aspects of our society.

As the name suggests, the game revolves around Dark Culture, covering a wide range of topics. From music to movies, from video games to comics, from arts to science, and much more.


We do not make games. We build artifacts that help multidimensional beings interact with hidden parallel realities.

Marilena and Konstantinos, Nadanull Founders


The protagonists

Marilena Tzorzaki and Konstantinos Kerasovitis are the creators of Trivia Obscura. They both founded Nadanull, a company that claims to challenge the current reality by creating parallel universes where people can interact, stretch their minds, and find freedom. How? Through the design of new and original games.

Their work is born of a passion for research and endless love for anything quirky, unusual, and mysterious.


The plot

Even before asking us to design the logotype and the interface of Trivia Obscura, Marilena and Konstantinos invited us to play a game or two. In fact, they had a mock-up of the game they had used to test their creation. Trivia Obscura is the result of more than a year of research conducted by the duo.

Our first step was to create a strong and powerful logotype. Konstantinos had already drafted something they used in the mockup of the game. We liked his approach, so we took inspiration from his original sketch when starting our own creative process.

We used a bespoke typeface for the logotype. We tidied up the rough edges and made it more 'Obscura' by adding some mystical symbolism to each letter.

The logo came from the connection of the letter T with the letter O.
The symbol was then used to create a pattern. A game like Trivia Obscura had lots of surfaces (the box, the cards, the board game, the rule booklet, etc.) and we wanted to make sure everything could be branded with the same attention to detail without our design becoming overpowering.

Once the logotype was in place we positioned the strapline, 'Do you know darkness?', above so the game's title, 'Trivia Obscura', would look like the answer to the question.

One of the most challenging parts of the project was designing the symbols that represent the 8 houses included in the game.
We started by exploring the hidden meaning behind each house.
We opted to design 8 beautiful initials, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The rich details retain the symbolism without preventing anyone from recognising the letters. 

The less creative part of our work was probably the game board. 
The board is the most important part of the game because it defines the uniqueness of Trivia Obscura and has to accommodate the strategic level of the game. Therefore, the look of the board was mostly dictated by function.

Functionality also guided us in the creation of 800 cards with 1200+ answers and questions. To reduce printing costs, we opted for a one-colour design (of course, black was the choice). The cards had a specific size too, so the monochrome print came in handy to enhance contrast and legibility of the small characters printed on the back of each card.

As with any other board game, Trivia Obscura also had different materials for information. We had two leaflets, one that explains the houses and each topic, as well as the House Reference Card. The other introduces the game and its rules to the players, aka the Instruction Booklet. The latter would be dismissed once all players confidently learned the rules.

We also had to design practical symbols that are mandatory in the game, like the number of players, the minimum age of the players, and the general flow needed. Those symbols are quite common in games, but we couldn't leave these details un-designed on such a beautiful box. Therefore, we designed them to fit Trivia Obscura's look and feel.

Trivia Obscura Logotype

Trivia Obscura Logotype

Trivia Obscura Business Card

Trivia Obscura Box

Trivia Obscura Board Game

Trivia Obscura Playing Cards and Symbols

Trivia Obscura House References

Trivia Obscura Rules Booklet

Trivia Obscura Apparel

Trivia Obscura Jewelry


The result

Many years after we first designed the game 9 Questions, Trivia Obscura reminded us how complex designing a board game is.

We are always surprised by the many design factors we need to consider when constructing a game interface.
However, we enjoyed the whole process and working closely with Marilena and Konstantinos immensely, and proved essential in helping to define the final appearance of the game.

We look forward to the launch of Trivia Obscura on Kickstarter, and to discovering how it will be received by "Dark Culture" aficionados and the general public alike.

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