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The setting

Pixpro is a Swedish company based in Stockholm with a strong technology background in marketing automation and creating custom portal solutions for their customers. The company has recently undergone big changes and has embarked upon new – and quite successful - international partnerships. Today Pixpro is one of the leading companies with expertise in management consulting; the kind that truly transforms businesses.

We love to see our clients use the strategy and solutions we implemented changing their business and life. This is very rewarding.

Sarah Watz, CEO of Pixpro


The protagonists

Sarah Watz, founder and CEO, was really keen to give her company a completely fresh and relevant look.
She felt that the old logotype and identity were not representative of Pixpro as their clients know it today. The time of our contact coincided with the moving into a new office, a move that she saw as a great opportunity to announce Pixpro’s evolution.

Sarah wanted to present something visible and tangible to Pixpro clients, and simultaneously to infuse some positive energy into her hard-working team. One main concern was to achieve change yet maintain Pixpro’s familiar spirit and feel.
Sarah did not want to change Pixpro’s look completely yet she wanted Pixpro to feel recognisable albeit different. Tall order. But not for our fearless team. So challenge accepted! 


The plot

Before digging into their existing brand materials, we asked Sarah and her team to answer our questionnaire based on the 17 checkpoints by the brand guru, Marty Neumeier.

Through those incisive questions and their answers, we helped Sarah and her team redefine their company’s mission, vision and shape a new tagline: “We transform businesses”.

Together we gained a better understanding of the Pixpro brand which made it easier to define the elements of the old logotype we should keep and which ones needed refreshing. During our meetings, the most common words were “Reliable”, “Uplifting”, “Empowering”.

It was obvious to us that the old and enervated Pixpro logotype was not exuding any of these adjectives. It also looked a bit outdated for a company that claims to be at the cutting edge of digital trends.

We redesigned the Pixpro logotype using a custom typeface. The font is thick and heavy, but we kept the slanted direction to suggest movement and action. During our meeting, Sarah said something really important about the way her team works: “In our work, we always look for the X factor that makes our client’s business be unique”. This made us think that it was not a coincidence that the logo had an X in the middle of the word. So why not emphasise it? So we made the letter X bigger than the others, rendering it a symbol of progress and regeneration.


Pixpro Signature

Pixpro Signature

Pixpro Tagline


After defining the new logotype, we focused on how the “new” Pixpro will communicate its revamped identity via the colours, typography, graphics and illustrations. This was achieved with the development of a detailed brand manual. An indispensable tool for the team for building consistent offline and online communication materials.



Pixpro Lab

Pixpro Icons

Pixpro Office

Pixpro Office

Pixpro Brand Manual

Pixpro Brand Manual

Pixpro Brand Manual

Pixpro Brand Manual


The result

Sarah and her team believe that building their brand enabled Pixpro to better compete with the best company in all of its national markets and support continued growth, increased revenues and market share.

Today Pixpro has a robust and contemporary identity. Sarah gave us the not-so-easy-to-come-by opportunity to partake in an immersive brand experience. This work was exceedingly rewarding for both of us.