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Kristoffer Sandven

The setting

Kristoffer Sandven is a talented Norwegian photographer. 
For many years he worked under the name of his web development company, iSEE.

My name should look elegant. It should represent my passion for my work without being romantic.

Kristoffer Sandven, photographer


The protagonists

Kristoffer has already worked with us previously when we developed the identity of his web development company, iSEE. Photography has always been his passion. His favourite subject is people. His portraits are intimate and personal. He is able to capture emotions with his camera and crystalise them in time and space. As a photographer, Kristoffer felt that using his own name could help him create a completely new bond with his customers.


The plot

Naming a company after yourself is an important choice. Your customers create a close relationship with you as a person. Your qualities and values become the brand's qualities and values. Kristoffer was aware of where his choice was leading him. However, he felt ready for this important step in his career.

We analysed the letters one by one. We wanted each one of them to interact harmoniously. We designed a custom slab serif font.
In this way, we could recreate the proportions between the letters exactly as we liked. 
We noticed how the K and the S shape created a neat contrast: the rigid strokes of the K juxtaposed against the elegant curve of the S.
We redesigned the K's leg (the lower, down sloping stroke) to be delicate and match the sinuous curve of the letter S. The font is sensual, as it has passion at its core, yet looks modern and elegant. Increasing the kerning between the letters added an even more sophisticated look to the design. The "ligature" between the letters V and the E enhances the feeling of closeness and intimacy, so common in portraits and wedding photography.

We finally created a brandmark. Although Kristoffer didn't ask for one, we thought that a symbol would come in handy in his work (for photo watermarks or whenever the long name couldn't fit in the available space).

Kristoffer Sandven Signature

Kristoffer Sandven Brandmark

Kristoffer Sandven Pictures

Kristoffer Sandven Headshot

Kristoffer Sandven Identity

The result

Kristoffer Sandven launched his business with confidence in summer 2015. His new brand embodies his distinguished style and authentic passion for photography and for all human emotions.