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The setting

EyeQueue is a Greek App that offers a completely new experience to people waiting in a queue. Providing useful information and managing the queue, the app changes customers' perceived wait time.


We want to give people back their time.

Nikos Pavlou, EyeQueue Founder


The protagonists

Nikos and Alexis are the masterminds behind EyeQueue.
Nikos works in the Greek public sector. He knows firsthand how frustrating it is to wait in an interminable, disorderly queue. In Greece, this is quite common.
Alexis is a programmer. Recently he applied his skills to solve a chronic time-management issue by developing The Next Bus. It is a free App that informs people waiting at the bus stop about when their bus will arrive.


The plot

Nikos and Alexis contacted us asking us to create for them the branding for their application.
They already had the name in mind and different scenarios of where the App could find its utility.

Eyequeue is developed for the Greek target to be used in different public spaces like hospitals, post offices, etc.; but also to assist the military sector during a crisis when there is a need to manage a large group of people at once (like in the hotspots created during the Syrian refugee crisis).

The first step in our work was to define important values, mission and vision of the brand.
Once those concepts were in place, it was easy to come up with a strong tagline that would emphasise the scope of the application. Among many taglines we proposed, the one unanimously chosen was "Your time first." because the App is centred around the idea of time and perceived wait time.

The name EyeQueue was already decided. Nikos and Alexis expressed their concerns about the spelling of the word Queue by non-native English speakers.
To overcome this problem, we designed a brandmark that would visually depict the name EyeQueue. It was like playing rebus. The letter that is phonetically closed to the word Queue is Q. It became the main symbol of the App. Then we worked around the tail of the letter to design an "eye", adding a circle in the counter.

To better match the rounded curves of the brandmark, we preferred a smooth and bold typeface.

The designer Angela Violino at Atelier Doodle gave the final touch by illustrating the typical scenarios wherein people could experience the benefits of the EyeQueue App.


EyeQueue Signature

EyeQueue Signature

EyeQueue Experience

EyeQueue Experience

EyeQueue Experience

EyeQueue Experience


The result

EyeQueue is still in development and not available to download.Yet.
In April 2016  EyeQueue was nominated among the ten best applications, at the national competition, IT4Gov, capturing the interest of the jury.
Watch out world, EyeQueue will soon be fast-forwarding your waiting time! 


Credits: Illustrations by Angela Violino, Atelier Doodle.