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Little Stories

The setting

Little Stories is the brand-new collection designed by Ermina Kechagia,
Little Stories is the sister brand of her shop, The Little Fabbrica.

The target group remains the same: young, fashionable women who like to wear original and affordable clothes.


Every girl has a story hidden in their closet!

Ermina Kechagia, Little Stories founder and designer


The protagonists

Ermina Kechagia is the owner of the popular shop The Little Fabbrica. We already had the pleasure to work with her in creating the identity of her exclusive shop. 
Ermina is an enthusiastic, inspired person, who contacted us to share in her dream of designing her new exclusive collection of t-shirts while we would take care of the branding.


The plot

It is a well-known fact by now: we like to work with passionate people.
 When an excited Ermina knocked on our door, we were happy to embark on this new adventure with her.

The collection was going to be launched in Spring 2017 so time was on our side while we pondered on how to best create an everlasting identity for our savvy female consumers.
We went through different proposals but it didn’t take long for Ermina to make her choice. A choice we loved.

As we did for The Little Fabbrica, our focus was mostly on typeface choice. 
All the motifs printed on the t-shirts are designed using the watercolour technique. Each t-shirt comes with a story, a secret dream undiscovered as yet. The romantic mix of colours and the slender lines of the girls portrayed in these everyday stories were the inspiration behind the bespoke lettering we chose to represent the logotype.


Little Stories Signature


Sinuous and slender, the logotype was then enclosed in an imperfect circle, adding two elements that identify the collection: a brush and a needle.
The symbols are complementary to the ones used for The Little Fabbrica logotype: the hammer and the needle.


Little Stories Identity

Little Stories Identity

Little Stories Shop Window

The result

The new collection of t-shirts was presented in the summer of 2017 and caused a stir at Ermina’s shop.
 Many requests poured into selling them in other shops around Greece and abroad, so if you see them hanging on the rack, check out the story behind the label and choose the one fits your dreams and aspirations!