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J and Beyond

The setting

J and Beyond is an international Joomla! conference where more than 300 Joomlers gather from all around the world.
Every year the conference takes place in a different location and with a brand new theme.


The protagonists

After 7 years, going to J and Beyond is for most of the attendees like a family reunion. The conference started back in 2009 as an independent Joomla! conference. It was founded by Robert Deutz and Brian Teeman. Today the event is one of the most important and awaited for meeting points for all Joomla! volunteers around the world. Since 2009 Until Sunday has been designing all of the conference’s communication materials to reflect the chosen theme.


The plot

J and Beyond 2017

Who is going to “Fight the Dragon” this year? This time J and Beyond took place in Krakow, Poland.
While the idea of the Dragon came from a famous polish legend, The Dragon of Wawel Hill, the design was inspired by the futuristic interface of sci-fi video games (and movies). For the website and all the event collaterals, we designed weapons, cards to play with and even a map that indicates where the “battle” would have taken place, including event banners, programmes and t-shirt for all the attendees.
One more thing. This year’s event was a blast!


J and Beyond 2017

J and Beyond 2017 Website

J and Beyond 2017 Illustrations


J and Beyond 2016

We drew inspiration from the beautiful and colourful city of Barcelona. Our artist of choice is Antoni Gaudì. Our graphics are freely inspired by the organic shapes and the plastic forms of his masterpieces. Casa Milà's chimneys take a human shape. The seamless patterns that decorate all the graphic materials create a melting-pot of shapes and symbols that are found in Gaudí's multicoloured mosaics.


J and Beyond 2016 Motto

J and Beyond 2016 Website

J and Beyond 2016 Illustrations


J and Beyond 2015

This year Until Sunday got its inspiration from the beautiful, romantic city of Prague. The title of this year’s event is “Golden Times Ahead”. We started by collecting pictures of Prague and we came up with a stunning colour palette, symbols and iconography. For the motto, we were inspired by Prague’s astronomical clock, although, to make it a functional part of the site, we couldn’t reproduce it in all its splendour. But you get the idea, don’t you?
Even for 2015, J and Beyond was able to bring out the spirit of sharing and collaboration that has characterised this event since 2010, with a classic and elegant identity.


J and Beyond 2015 Motto

J and Beyond 2015 Website

J and Beyond 2015 Illustrations


J and Beyond 2014

With a motivating title like “Investing in our future”, it was impossible to fall short on creativity and originality this year. The fully responsive site was built by Brian Teeman using Joomla! while the design was inspired by 80’s video games and all the 80’s graphics appearing in science-fiction classics like Star Trek and Star Wars. The result is a flat design website, rich in personality and details.


J and Beyond 2014 Motto

J and Beyond 2014 Website

J and Beyond 2014 Illustrations

J and Beyond 2013

In 2013, the main motto was, “Joomla! at the beach”, so we designed a fully responsive Joomla! website (thanks to Philip Locke for the front-end development). We imagined the event as an “immersion” in the Joomla! world! The colour palette and fresh and funny illustrations were built using mood-boards and inspirational images from the 1960s and 1970s advertising.


J and Beyond 2013 Motto

J and Beyond 2013 Website

J and Beyond 2013 Illustrations


The result

Every year J and Beyond promises to deliver new, mind-blowing ideas and experiences that will influence the future work of Joomlers the world over!