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Virya Group

The setting

Virya Group was founded by Ruth Cheesley and Marco Dings in 2014, named after Ruth’s previous company, Virya Technologies, a company providing Joomla! extensions and marketing solutions.
But as with all successful businesses, Ruth felt that it was time to push Virya Technologies into the big market and place it under the umbrella of a ‘mothership’ that would lead it. 

The right moment arrived in 2013, when she met Marco at a Joomla! conference. Since then, they and their team have been work hard to affirm Virya Group as a leader that provides innovative solutions to their clients.


Virya means 'a driving force or positive energy to do good for the benefit of others’. For this reason we work hard to find innovative and ethical solutions for our clients and a friendly environment for our employers.

Ruth Cheesley, CEO Virya Group


The protagonists

Ruth Cheesley is the CEO of Virya Group. Geekish and enthusiastic she is an Open Source evangelist, an SEO guru, a data lover, and content marketing expert. 

Marco is more of a techie and his role as technical director of Virya Group capitalises on his extensive experience in software development and consulting. It’s no coincidence that back in 2016 he joined the Joomla! developer team leading the release of one of the most known CMS in the world.

 Founding Virya Group was a big shift to an entirely new stage of life and work. So they hired us to help them define the new face of their business.


The plot

When we approached the project, Ruth and Marco expressed their intention of preserving Virya Technologies’ values. 
During our first meeting, we all agreed that the brandmark, that Ruth was proudly wearing as a medallion around her neck, wasn’t going to change. Having said that, the beautiful and intricate shape of their symbol needed a bit of refinement.
 While balancing the shapes, the white space and simplifying the lines of the brandmark,
 we also defined the main colour palette and the typeface for the new name that was going to go next to the symbol.

For a company like Virya Group, an advocate of Open Source, we opted for the clean and modern sans-serif Questrial for the logotype, pairing it with Railway when we needed to create the company’s communication materials. Both typefaces are free and available on Google web font.

A new and important goal of Virya Group was developing a whole area of new competencies and offerings in order to truly become a one-stop-shop for their clients. 
At the moment of writing, Virya Group has 5 pillars: Virya CMS, Virya Hosting, Virya Consulting, Virya Marketing and Virya Training.
For each pillar, we defined the predominant colours to match the main colour palette and introduced symbols to represent each focus area.
We enclosed both colour and icon in a rhombus shape so as to simplify the complex curves of Virya’s brandmark. To better show and explain how those “pillars” work in synergy, we created an infographic, called “the pyramid”, largely used internally as a guide for all of Virya Group’s communication materials.

The final frontier was to design the new Virya Group’s website based on the elements defined up until then. 
For a company that aims to be a leader in the technological field, the website served as the perfect stage on which the team of developers could experiment with some new “code tricks”, like using SVGs, advanced ACL, custom filters and so on. In close collaboration with Ruth and Marco, we discovered that code doesn’t have limits, only boundaries to overcome.

 Our greatest challenge was probably coming up with a smart navigation concept. In order to create a pleasant and engaging experience for visitors, the navigation itself has gone through many re-designs until we ensured that all sections were connected, while at the same time representing a part of a solution, rather than a single area of competence.

Virya Group Logotype

Virya Group Logotype Clear Space

Virya Group Logotype Brand Colours

Virya Group Logotype Pillars

Virya Group Business Cards

Virya Group Campaign

Virya Group Touchpoints

Virya Group Campaign Flyer

Virya Group Campaign Communication Materials

Virya Group Campaign Mug

Virya Group Campaign Website

Virya Group Campaign Website

Virya Group Campaign Website


The result

Since 2013, Virya Group has rapidly expanded becoming a well-established and trustworthy technological company driven by a strong philosophy. Today, the company is gaining international recognition for their fearless and proactive approach to exploring emerging trends and technologies.
To their clients, Virya Group is synonymous with innovation and forward-thinking solutions.

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