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The setting

Brickson is a new Dutch digital agency based in Den Bosch and Amsterdam.

Founded in 2016, the agency boasts a distinct vision and pragmatic approach.
 Brickson focus areas are diverse and aimed at increasing value for their clients, and for their clients’ clients.


Brickson aims to unburden its clients.

Babs Gösgens, Brickson Den Bosch CTO


The protagonists

With more than 20 years of experience, the team behind Brickson is made of highly experienced, talented, diehard professionals.

We personally know Babs and Ronald, having had the pleasure of working with them in the past, when they were still the agency/team-working tool, Teemr.

Soon after we also met their “partners in crime”, Stef and Bas, who are based in Amsterdam.
 All together we worked hard on defining the new face of Brickson.


The plot

It doesn’t happen too often that an agency approaches us with all their “homework” done.
Brickson team had a lot of resources to share with us even before we got around to asking them. The company’s mission, vision and values were already in place, internally discussed and agreed upon; all in all a great privilege for us to to be working with such a high level of “brand awareness”.

As with most of the brands we design, we always take our clients on a journey of discovering the “authentic face” of their brand by playing a famous game: “If x was y, what would it be?”. 
Where x is the name of the company (Brickson in this case) and y is anything it can be associated with (i.e. a drink, an animal, a type of food, a colour, etc…).

So the game goes something like this: “if Brickson were a drink, what would it be? If Brickson were an animal, what would it be?…

In this way, we were able to piece together an authentic personality for Brickson and a unique tone of voice even before embarking on the development of their logo.

The game helped us confirm that Brickson has a masculine and pragmatic character, with a vibrant and human voice. Through the use of a mood board, we defined the visual language, inspired by luxury, glamour, and the exuberant style of the Art Deco period, when the use of expensive and precious materials was common practice and highly decorative forms were juxtaposed against the simplicity of mass-produced goods.

Although the company was newly founded, they were eager to explore an “old” and “established” look, that would predominantly exude reliability and experience.

We felt that only a bold, authentic and eye-catching brandmark could represent all these qualities at once.
Influenced by the modern and stylised shapes of the Art Deco style, the letter B became the symbolic representation of Brickson’s aspiration and values.
 As if shaped by the experienced hands of a craftsman, the sophisticated and smooth lines of the company’s symbol complement the rigid, widely kerned and bold bespoke typeface.

Brickson Signature and Stamps

The last touch involved creating 4 different “stamps” in four different colours that identify Brickson’s main focus areas.
When applied on Brickson’s communication materials and documents, these “stamps” bring to life the strategies and modus operandi of the company.
The four new colours were added to the main brand colours, creating a bright and rich palette reminiscent of Art Deco fashion and interior design.


Brickson Stamps

Brickson Identity

Brickson Office

Brickson Business Cards

Brickson Mobile View


The result

Today Brickson is a recognised and highly valued digital agency in the Netherlands.
Their confident look and friendly approach is the key to their success.
No wonder big clients trust them with their brands and products and follow their suggestions when it comes to building solutions that add value to their businesses.