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Myk Og Rar

The setting

Myk og Rar is a distinctive, niche company dedicated to enhancing children’s creativity.
It is a known fact that children love communicating their world through drawings and Lene, founder of this small company, turns these drawings into real, 3D, soft toys that children can hug and play with.


The protagonists

Lene is an enthusiastic person and the mother of a child, Olivia.
It was from her daughter’s drawings that she took the inspiration to start this original project. 
Colourful and passionate, Lene guided us through all the design process.

She had a very clear idea of what MoR should look like and we gave her space to express her unlimited creativity through our experience and know-how in brand development.


The plot

“Myk og Rar” (or shortly, MoR) means in Norwegian “soft and quirky” and in the mind of Lene these two concepts should be expressed in a playful and attractive way, suitable both for children and for their parents.

We decided that MoR’s logotype deserved a unique, bespoke letterform.
 Many sketches, handwritten lettering, proposals and pictures of needles and thread were collected until we found the right combination of shapes and colours.

The solution came through one of the pictures that Lene sent us in: a needle and thread forming a circle. 
Suddenly we got it!
That thread to us was like the different space, where a child’s imagination can run free. 
We immediately took that picture, turned it into a vector format, adding a very simple and linear handmade typeface, ta-dam!

We then proceeded to develop a full set of icons and illustrations to create the brand’s visual language. All elements were largely used in all MoR’s communications material, including the website, brochures and business cards.

MoR Logotype

MoR Brand Colours

MoR Brand Typography

MoR Brand Elements Patterns and Drawings

MoR Dolls Frame

MoR Business Cards

MoR Brochure

MoR Poster for Children Event at the hospital

MoR Website

MoR Website

The result

MoR’s identity is simple, clean, purposely unpolished, yet very playful.
We are so thrilled that via the online store, the brand has now grown from selling “soft and quirk” stuffed toys to handmade jewellery and stationery for children.

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