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The Little Fabrica

The setting

A small and cute shop in the middle of Greece for girls with a unique style. Two years after opening its doors, Ermina, the owner of this little boutique in Karditsa, decided that it was time for a revamp. 


Our shop looks glamorous and fashionable. But here's the best part: you don't have to spend a ton to add all the spring trends you want to your closet!

Ermina Kechagia, The Little Fabrica owner


The protagonists

The first time we met Ermina was virtually and from then on we established a really good ongoing relationship with her.
 She is full of ideas and being an extremely eclectic person who truly loves fashion she wants to make it affordable for every girl out there.
We were so captivated we decided to make her dream our dream too!


The plot

We worked together with Ermina on creating a new logo and identity that matched the industrial and distinctive style of the shop. Every piece of clothing and accessory sold inside The Little Fabrica is hand-picked by Ermina. All pieces of furniture inside the shop are also handmade by Ermina and her husband.

To make a strong and very personal brand statement we used bespoke typography.
The new logotype incorporates elements of the currently trending hipster philosophy with a personal intimate, girly twist that makes it irresistible and timeless.

The Little Fabrica Logotype

The Little Fabrica Products

The Little Fabrica Identity

The result

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle can be very ephemeral. Our scope was to create a brand that could outlast the trends, bold enough to set its own rules and boundaries. And of course, we also wanted Ermina to feel right at home and confident with this new shop image.

Since the launch of this new identity, The Little Fabrica has seen a growing number of customers fast gaining recognition as one of the best shops for affordable, quality fashion items.