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The setting

Mautic is a free, open source, marketing automation platform. In the mind of its creator, David Hurley, this software has been developed as a disruptive product in a market that today is lead by big brands with expensive product lines.


I want to build a community of passionate developers, designers and marketers that will love Mautic so much to tattoo the logo on their skins!

David Hurley, Mautic Founder


The protagonists

When David Hurley, founder of Mautic approached us, we didn’t know that Mautic would be one of the best Start Up projects of 2015.
At that time, David was the lead developer of the famous Joomla! CMS but as soon as he embarked on his new adventure, he left the Joomla team to fully dedicate his energy and talent to building the Mautic community and services.
 Dynamic, fully committed and born to be a leader, David followed the design of the new Mautic logotype from the first sketches up to the final result.


The plot

The new signature couldn't have been a better fit! The brand mark encompasses all of the software’s characteristic features at a glance. Planning and tracking marketing campaigns: the capital M has been turned into a clock and stands for Mautic and for marketing, Data gathering and reports: the zig-zag shape of the M is reminiscent of the graphics used for collecting data and feedback that helps customers evaluate the success of a campaign.

Mautic also happens to be the first open source marketing automation platform; for this reason, we used open shapes and played with negative and positive space.

Mautic Brandmark and Signature

While the signature was in place, the colour palette was still under discussion.

David confessed to us his abhorrence of any shade of blue ( given that all technological marketing companies seem to choose blue to appear trustworthy and reliable).
We agreed that if Mautic was going to change the world of marketing automation, we should be bold enough to embrace counter-intuitive colours.
So we chose a deep and vibrant purple and a warm yellow to brighten it up providing contrast and balance.


Mautic Business Cards

Mautic Gadgets

Mautic Apparel

Mautic on mobile 

The result

If you run a business, we suggest you give Mautic a try. It is free. It is open source. It looks promising.
What else? It has a large community of followers that can help you learn to use it, and once you do, you can contribute too.

In 2015, Mautic was acknowledged as one of the best Start Up projects of the Year.