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TYPO Berlin 2018: insights and takeaways - TypoBerlin 2018: Day 3

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Third day


Now is Always the Wrong Time
by Elliot Jay Stock

Elliot Jay Stock at Typo18


I have previously seen a talk by Elliot Jay Stock about side projects at another conference a few years ago. Therefore, I already had an idea of what to expect, and his talk lived up to my expectations. Side projects can be extremely disappointing and aren’t always as successful as you’d like until you take the plunge and dedicate the right amount of time to them. The best time to take the plunge is NOW.


  • Passion projects are good when you start to consider them as real work, instead of waiting for the weekends to dedicate time to them.
  • Make time for the projects you like, between your real job and your responsibilities.
  • Ask yourself why you are doing it.
  • Follow your passion or you will regret it.

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Dissolving Borders
by Saar Friedman


Saar Friedman at Typo18


Creative director, Saar Friedman, showed us a different Jerusalem from the one we are used to. Design can truly make a difference and play a big role in ‘dissolving borders’ where politics and religion fails. Design can create a way where differences are synonymous with richness. A talk I truly enjoyed.


  • Design to create a language that unifies cultures, people, and religions.
  • Make your own path out of your comfort zone.
  • Design to change perception.
  • Design to invite people to make a deep and profound change.

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I loved this conference. It was impeccably organised. Each speaker had a short introduction that provided the audience with the right perspective. However, I realised three days packed with good talks was too much. By the third day, my mind was so saturated with information that after the morning talks I left to explore the city, sum up my takeaways (hence my blog post), and stay inspired (rather than losing focus).

The only downside was that I didn’t get to attend any workshops. In fact, to attend a workshop I should have spent most of my time in line, missing most of the inspiring talks summarised above.

I think the ‘first come, first served’ philosophy could be applied a bit differently for the next event. In the morning, the first arrivals should be able to register for the workshop of the day, guaranteeing he/she can follow the talks until it’s time for the workshop. It would be fair for all the people who want to follow the talks without losing considerable time in a queue.

I love how the break was organised. I had time to talk to other attendees and connect with new friends and designers. Here’s a picture of me and my new friend, Manal!

Manal and I at Typo18