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Game: Are you my type?

Charleston woman: B

Coventry Garden is an extremely decorative display font that includes elegant and sinuous stroke endings which may recall the body and delicate movements of a dancer.

Male biker: A

Only a black letter font like Incised Black can bring out all these elements (beer, heavy metal music) in your mind at once.

Construction manager: B

A clean sans serif font with a modern look like FF DIN can bring out his personality.


Game: Trust & Pixie Dust

The news: True.

Probably the typeface I used to write this passage and the subject of this article itself don’t suggest so, but actually, the news is true and it was featured in Live Science in January 2016.

The electoral campaign: both.

Both choices can be considered right.
The poster A uses Bello Typeface that in 2012 brought Francois Holland to win his presidential election in France. The font is quite unusual for an electoral campaign if we compare it to the poster B where the choice of Futura combined with Franklin Gothic may give a more realistic and trustworthy feeling.
In fact, the typefaces of the poster B were used in 1960 for the Presidential Campaign of J.F.Kennedy ensuring him a place in the White House as the youngest president of the United States.

At the pharmacy: A

My experiment was conducted on Facebook and the font used in packaging A resulted to be the favourite one in such a situation. Subjects explained that the font A looks more credible and effective. While people who wanted to try something truly different, put their trust in packaging B because the typeface used looks unusual, but they couldn’t say if the medicine would effectively provide any relief from the pain.


Game: if it was…

Period of time: the Fifties

Typography can bring us back in time and definitely the Fifties are so in trend today. Coca-Cola was born and the Hollywood Freeway was built. Advertising knew its golden age.
In graphic design, typefaces were usually mixed (serif, sans-serif and scripts) to established a strong visual hierarchy and create a catchy and engaging message that could fit different targets.

A genre: The Old West, Cowboys and Spaghetti Western movies.

The font brings you back to the Old West. The use of different chiselled and hand tooled typefaces was extremely common in the small villages of the Old America. Although Europeans may not be familiar with the history of the America’s Westward expansion, this typeface will surely evoke the famous opening titles of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western movies.

Taste: Sweet

Fat, playful and rounded, the typeface evokes the sweet taste of the marshmallows and the colourful Haribo jelly bears. Or it might even be bringing you back to your childhood, reminding you of visiting a fair and asking for pink cotton candy.