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Until Sunday

We believe in the power of storytelling.

Less is more is a fascinating, age-old concept (and the concept upon which minimalist design is based). When applied thoroughly, less is more can generate higher user engagement, better usability, and more aesthetic appeal.
Unfortunately, many designers can’t seem to get it right.

Berlin, what a city! It's been 10-years since my last visit, and this year I had the opportunity to enjoy this European capital while attending one of the most awaited typography conferences in Europe, TYPO Berlin 2018.

This year the theme was a very interesting, Trigger, dedicated to transformation, disruption, and radical shifts in the design industry.

The motto of Until Sunday, the collaborative agency I founded in 2012, is, ‘We believe in the power of storytelling.’ This is the motto we’ve used since day one before storytelling was a hot topic of discussion. Nowadays, storytelling is a buzzword and everybody is wondering when this trend will end.

An important part of our work ethos is to empower the next generation of creatives to share their work and develop their craft with confidence.

So, we hereby invite young or newcomer designers to submit their portfolio to our Online Portfolio Review.

So many digital companies will promise cutting-edge technology solutions and added value experiences, so how do we help clients to stand out as “winner brands”, differentiating them from all the other also-rans? Through detailed and structured analysis of needs, wants, preferences, values and other important attributes that shape the creative briefing.

This is exactly how we helped our client Brickson, a Dutch digital agency in Den Bosch.

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