The mission: Book Design
The client: OSTraining, USA


The setting

OSTraining is a company based in United States. They offer online and offline courses, but for those who still love reading books like us, OSTraining also offers great books. And this is where our story begins. 

The protagonists

Steve Burge, founder of OSTraining, felt it was about time to give OSTraining books a more appealing and current look. But the real challenge was that he wanted to turn them into a beautiful collection in which all the books “look the same and different at the same time”. He loves what A Book Apart has done for its book collection so he wanted a similar approach for their own series.


I want to turn our series into a beautiful collection in which all books look the same and different at the same time.
Steve Burge, OSTraining Founder


The plot

In order to create consistent and relevant design, we need to create rules.
A style guide is quite a common tool extensively used by graphic designers. They define guidelines that designers can use in extremely inventive ways. They also improve collaboration between people that are carrying out different tasks on the same project.
For the OSTraining book collection, we thought that a style guide was necessary in order to define colors, typography, space between blocks of text, printable areas and the hierarchy among the elements inside the layout. In this way, the books would look similar, yet ensure that each of them has its own personality too. Kind of like a family tree.   

We created different design proposals. All of them were extremely recognizable and striking. The OSTraining team chose unanimously what we think was the most straightforward design.

The new book cover is simple and special It uses a geometric diamond pattern all over the front.

The edgy, large triangular shape is the most predominant design element and it is where all the important information (title and author’s name) is placed. What is more, the triangle doubles as an arrow (as we internally started to call it), a dynamic element that suggests direction. In fact, all OSTraining books are guides that, by following their practical instructions, help you move forward confidently.


OSTraining Books

OSTraining Books Styleguide

OSTraining Books Styleguide

OSTraining Books Styleguide

OSTraining Books Styleguide 

The result 

The new OSTraining books stand out from thousands of anonymous-looking books in the same field. The new cover reflects the high quality of the content and we are sure you will enjoy collecting the whole series!

If you are curious about the process we follow to design the book series, read our blog post.



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