The mission: Website Design, Marketing Campaign
The client: To Vaporaki, Greece


The setting

On the beautiful Greek island of Syros, To Vaporaki is a cosy family restaurant in a perfect hideout outside the main town.
Here you can eat Konstantina’s simple, genuine Greek food cooked with passion and infused with soul. 

The protagonists

Loukas, Kostantina’s son and member of the restaurant management, came to us wanting to give the restaurant a distinctive, online presence. At the moment of our meeting, To Vaporaki had only a beautiful logo and playful promo videos. Rated as one of the best eating places on the island by Tripadvisor, To Vaporaki is a true gem worthy of more than one stop. 


It is not only the food. It is the full experience that makes our place unforgettable.
Loukas Skordas, owner and manager


The plot

To Vaporaki is situated off the beaten track, right outside of Ermoupolis, the main town of the island. But this is also its weak point: the restaurant is far away from the centre of the island and only people passing by car can really notice it. So in summer 2015 we decided to launch a marketing campaign called “Experience the tasteful”.

We created a beautiful poster that was put up in well-known shops and hotels in town where you could ask for the promo ticket to have an evening at To Vaporaki and get the taxi ride for free.

We used augmented reality (Layar) to serve up more information: by scanning the ticket you could learn more about the restaurant, the philosophy behind it, see pictures and check out the menu. Along with the campaign, we launched a brand new site that was the interactive, digital copy of the poster itself.

The photo shoot by the creative agency, Why Not, was a real temptation as all dishes were cooked by Kostantina and the result was just delicious.


To Vaporaki Website

To Vaporaki

To Vaporaki Website

To Vaporaki Campaign 2015

To Vaporaki Poster

To Vaporaki Campaign 2015


The result 

In 2015 To Vaporaki had an increase in visitors, achieving thus more visibility and acknowledgment. The ticket was a really successful and intriguing experiment that will be repeated next summer season with various improvements. Seeing the positive reception by new clients, To Vaporaki is planning to expand its offer and new projects are brewing in the owners’ minds as we speak.


Visit the site

The website was developed by Ideas Encoded.


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