Kouchico is slang for small in Greek but it is also one of the most popular cafe-bars on the island of Syros that serve excellent Italian coffee… and more!
Until Sunday designed an assortment of communication materials that bring out the feisty character of this trendy little bar.

In the summer of 2015, Christos Gkolfis, owner of Kouchico, decided to grow the Kouchico brand and add cocktail and bar services to his already-thriving cafe business. He leased the store next to the cafe thus creating a second ‘sister’ meeting point, a bar with the same identity as the cafe, aimed at serving premium alcohol, original cocktails and cool music to move to. Today Kouchico offers its clients not only the best coffee in town, but also a selection of over 50 uber premium leading brands in spirits.

To communicate all this and create appropriate POS materials, we focused on a bold, expressive typography that emphasizes  the meaning of the sentences on each piece of communication. We used different kind of paper, styles and design to reflect the eclectic personality of this bar and its customers. When you hold the premium drinks catalogue you know that you are in for a special treat! The catalogues are elegant and luxurious. The gray cover features a white typeface using the silk printed technique while the inside pages are held together by minimalist aluminum black screws.
The cocktail catalogue has a completely different personality. We have used a handwritten typeface and personalized drawings to render an upbeat, summertime look and feel. The coasters double as business cards. Printed on raw paper they feature the letterpress technique. They disappear in no time. 

Finally, our illustrator, Spiros Baras, painted the bar walls and designed the service t-shirts. His witty concept  entitled “The War of Cups” depicts an epic fight between bad and good cups thus confirming the Kouchico promise: fight mediocrity and only sell the best of the best!


Kouchico Catalogues

Kouchico Catalogue


Kouchico Catalogues

Kouchico Bar

Kouchico Bar Wall Design

Kouchico Bar


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