When David Hurley, founder of Mautic approached us, we didn’t know that Mautic would be one of the best Start Up projects of 2015.

Mautic is a free, open source, marketing automation platform. This software has been developed to be a disruptive product in a market that is lead today by big brands with rather expensive products.
We are extremely proud to have worked on this project.

We couldn’t create a more perfect signature for Mautic. The brand mark contains all the software’s features at a glance! Planning and keeping track of your marketing campaigns: the capital M, that stands both for Mautic and marketing, has been turned into a clock. Data gathered and reports: the zig-zag shape of the M is reminiscent of the graphics used for collecting data and feedback that help you evaluate the success of a campaign.

Mautic is also the first open source marketing automation platform and for this reason we used open shapes and played with negative and positive space.
If you run a business, we suggest you give Mautic a try. It is free. It is open source. It looks promising. What else? It has a large community and followers that can help you start to use it, and you can contribute too.

Mautic Signature

Mautic Signature

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