CSVI is a versatile management tool for importing all kinds of data into many different extensions from and to Joomla. CSVI is developed by our friend and developer, Roland Dalmulder.

CSV Improved is our umpteenth project with Roland, and Until Sunday has helped him to shape his business with a distinctive and recognisable identity. We worked with our partner, Ideas Encoded, to develop a site that is functional and informative but at the same time playful and cheerful.
Since the first version of his software was released, Roland has been able to write exhaustive documentation on how to use the extensions. So the most challenging part was to organise these articles in a comprehensive yet user-friendly manual that could be easily consulted by all CSV Improved’s users.

As in all of Roland’s websites, CSV Improved is also full of small details worth discovering: for this project we decided to integrate icons with SVG animation to spice up the look of the site, just a bit.

CSV Improved

CSV Improved

CSV Improved

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