Myk og Rar is a distinctive, niche company dedicated to enhancing children’s creativity. It is a known fact that children love communicating their world through drawings and Lene, founder of this small company, turns these drawings into real, 3D, soft, stuffed toys that children can ultimately hug and play with.

She wanted a brand direction that said “soft and quirky” (that’s what “Myk og Rar” means in Norwegian) but also something able to express the amazing handmade work behind every single creation. We decided that this logotype deserved unique letterforms, with the needle and thread embracing the three letters, enclosing them in a different space, a child’s world.
We also developed a full set of icons and illustrations for Myk og Rar that are largely used in all their communications, from their website to their brochures and business cards.

The end result is simple, clean, not too polished, yet very playful.





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