J and Beyond

J and Beyond is Until Sunday’s fixed “design appointment” with the Joomla! Community. It is always an amazing experience to become involved in the realisation of the design and all the graphic details of the events. 


Pixpro is a Swedish company based in Stockholm with a strong technology background in automation marketing and in creating custom portal solutions for their customers. Today Pixpro is one of the leading companies with expertise in management consulting; the kind that truly transforms businesses.

27 Wooden Accessories

27 is a small Greek company that produces wooden accessories.
Launched a few years ago, they started by creating wooden bow ties and just recently have expanded their range of products to bracelets, cufflinks and watches.


Caravan Design contacted us to create a beautiful and elegant brochure to present Sensewear at Salone del Mobile 2015, Milan. Sensewear is their new collection of clothes and accessories that emphasises the use of senses that won Lexus Design Award 2015.


Kouchico is slang for small in Greek but it is also one of the most popular cafe-bars on the island of Syros that serve excellent Italian coffee… and more!
Until Sunday designed an assortment of communication materials that bring out the feisty character of this trendy little bar.

Do you have a project? 

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