9 Questions

Sometimes we like collaborating with other creative agencies. This time around, Boutique Creativa hired us to design a promotional gift for Christmas to be sent to all their clients.

Myk og Rar

Myk og Rar is a distinctive, niche company dedicated to enhancing children’s creativity. It is a known fact that children love communicating their world through drawings and Lene, founder of this small company, turns these drawings into real, 3D, soft, stuffed toys that children can ultimately hug and play with.


When David Hurley, founder of Mautic approached us, we didn’t know that Mautic would be one of the best Start Up projects of 2015.


Until Sunday worked together with the writer Samuele Livornese to create the beautiful, unusual comic book, Rainworms. 

The Little Fabrica

A small and cute shop in the middle of Greece for girls with a unique style! Two years after opening its doors, Ermina, the owner of this little boutique in Karditsa, decided that it was time for a revamp. 

Do you have a project? 

We like to work with happy, passionate people that thrill us and blow our minds with their amazing projects! If you fit the description, drop us a line and let’s discuss your ideas.