Joomla!Day UK

JoomlaDay UK is one of the top Joomla! events in the United Kingdom, attended by many Joomla! experts, developers and designers from all around the world. In 2014 the organisers decided to invest in their identity and go for a completely new and fresh look that reflects not only the happiness and colourful spirit of the event, but also the enthusiasm of its passionate team.

Until Sunday Greeting cards

We love it when the New Year is approaching. This is when we can have a little a bit of rest and recharge our batteries. It is also the time we can thank our clients for sharing an amazing and successful year with us. As soon as October is in sight, we start thinking about our new greeting card and what it will be like!

Zylo Eyewear

Zylo Eyewear is an exceptional company that has re-discovered the beauty of wooden handcrafts, creating amazing and elegant wooden shades. Founded by Eleni and Periklis and located on the island of Syros in Greece, the company was launched in 2012 via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Today Zylo is a renowned, premium brand, loved and appreciated the world over.

Antonio Aricò

Antonio Aricò is one of the best young designers around these days and, more importantly, he is a good friend. One day, Antonio talked to us about a book in which he wanted to collect all of his work. He really loves our style and he wanted us to create his first catalogue.

Counting The Days

A happy couple, Daniela, a Sicilian bride, and Mark, a Dutch groom, contacted us to design an unforgettable invitation to their wedding. They were looking forward to that day so much, that the only thing that made perfect sense was to design a sort of calendar.

Do you have a project? 

We like to work with happy, passionate people that thrill us and blow our minds with their amazing projects! If you fit the description, drop us a line and let’s discuss your ideas.