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Minds and Faces

Minds and Faces

Meet Chiara, Spiros and their cat, Kissa.

Chiara Aliotta

Chiara Aliotta

Founder and Art Director

Chiara is an award-winning Italian designer and art director living between Italy and Greece.
 During her career, she has worked for many worldwide brands such as illy, Daelmans, Joomla, Osram, Vodafone, Nivea, among many others.

Her work has been featured in different magazines and design books. She was also listed by Canva top 10 among the best 33 women doing amazing things in Graphic Design and in 2015 she won an artistic recognition for her work as Joomla! brand manager. As recognition for her stunning work as art director, Chiara received the DevelopHER Awards in the category “Eye for Design” in 2017.

Life is her inspiration and design is her way to live it.


She blogs about the beauty of typography, the importance of good design and how as a designer, she feels committed to creating memorable experiences. She is also a public speaker and always thinking up new ways to grab the audience’s attention with her unique style.

Spiros Baras

Spiros Baras

Artist and Illustrator

Spiros Baras is a Greek artist, born and raised in Athens and currently living on an island in the middle of the Aegean sea.

After obtaining his diploma in Graphic Arts, he worked on different jobs that have nothing to do with graphics. In the meantime, he attended different courses in photography, iconography, calligraphy, poetry and music.

He began his collaboration with Until Sunday in 2014, adding his artistic touch to some of the projects.
 After attending a life-changing workshop on Digital Culture at the University of the Aegean, he embarked on a journey of creation using digital art.

Spiros has worked for different publishers and authors even before founding the side project, The Pattern Tales with Chiara. Among many projects, he is proud of having illustrated the graphic novel Rainworms, published in 2014 and written by Samuele Livornese, and the Italian fiction book La Virgola, written by Laura De Luca and published in 2015 by La Vita Felice.

His personal work as an artist is available on his own website.




Kissa, once a bohemian Athens cat who lived in Perissos train station, dreamed of jumping on the next train to find fame and fortune under the Acropolis.

Everything changed in November 2011, when he met Chiara and decided that a cosy home, full of food and friendly humans, was a far better choice than an uncertain celebrity life near the home of the Caryatids.

He soon became an indispensable assistant in the office, reminding Chiara and Spiros when to take breaks (and feed him) while coolly supervising their work (by sitting on their shoulders).

His latest project is to hone his hunting skills; he loves catching birds, and all kinds of tiny creatures, he then brings to Chiara and Spiros, right up to their office doorstep, tokens of his undying affection.

His sexy paws are also quite popular on Chiara’s Instagram page and they oftentimes receive more likes than Chiara’s selfies.