The mission: Brochure Design, Illustrations
The client: MoR, Norway


The setting

MoR is a small toy company based in Norway that designs stuffed toys based on children drawings. The brand has a colorful and cheerful personality. In the last two years, the company has successfully expanded its business, adding new services, like the online shop and joint charity initiatives for children.

The protagonists

Lene, founder of MoR, is an extremely enthusiastic person, brimming with ideas and creativity. Right from the start we have worked together on developing MoR's brand personality.
Thanks to her intuition and vision, today MoR is a well-known brand to children and their parents – always creating and offering new,  authentic, beautiful toys. All stuffed toys are part of MoR's family. So Lene had an idea, to create a birth certificate that will not only state that the toy is part of the family, but that will also work as MoR's guarantee of quality.


I would like to create original products for my toys and their little owners.
Lene Noss Ditmansen, MoR Founder


The plot

Lene sews her toys one by one. They are like little creatures coming to life in her hands. She asked us to create a passport that children could take with them when travelling with their stuffed friend.

We designed MoR's passport drawing inspiration from the new Norwegian passport. MoR's passport is bigger so that children can unleash their creativity on its pages. 

We took into account the  importance of tactile experience for children, so we created an embossed cover using MoR's dot pattern. The cover also boasts gold letterpress symbols that add a precious and official touch to the little booklet. On the first page children can personalize the passport with their personal details and a picture of the toy.

We illustrated the inside pages with three animals that are commonly found in Norway ( the bear, the deer and the fox) in their natural landscape. The drawings are made by hand exclusively for MoR and were printed using just two Pantone colours.

 MoR Passport

MoR Passport Emblem

MoR Passport Details

MoR Passport

MoR Passport Sketches


The result 

Once again, MoR stands out because of its original ideas. Working with Lene is always an exciting challenge and a great pleasure for us. MoR’s mission is all about travelling with your mind into an imaginary world and this "passport" testifies to this philosophy.


MoR passport will be soon available to purchase online in two bright colours: red and orange.



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